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We are a Year 3 class who like to learn! We have 25 children in our class:12 boys and 13 girls. We hope you enjoy checking out our blog!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maths week!!

This week we have been celebrating Maths Week. There has been heaps of fun activities from a Maths Trail to Cantermaths to be apart of. On Friday the school were asked to dress up as something to do with maths!! Here are some pictures of Room 15 busy thinking about maths sums in class and from the assembly we had to celebrate Maths Week and MATHS ROCKS!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cycling for freedom

This morning we had a very special visitor. Rick who lives with Flynn is about to go biking around South America for Amnesty International. The trip will also take him to the U.S.A,Greenland, Iceland, and then back to England where he lives. He said the trip will take him about 2-3 years. That is along time! His bike was really cool, he has to take all his clothes and his tent on his bike with him which makes it very heavy. He has to eat a lot of food to keep his energy levels up so he can peddle! His seat is a special wing seat. It is a different seat that will help him to not get a sore back when he is peddling. We really enjoyed his talk and will continue to follow is journey. His website is: rubberandchains.blogspot.com

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Room 15's visit to Parkland's Kindergarton

During Book Week, Room 15 went and read to the children at Parkland's Kindergarten. The buddies really enjoyed being read to and we really enjoyed reading to them!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The old woman and the spiders production

In term 2 we have been learning to act during drama.Drama is when you act like other people in plays,movies,shows,and you get to dress up which is fun.On Tuesday 5th of July we performed our play to our buddy class which is Room 3. We attended all of our practices so we would be really good no the day of our performance.

Post by Karrygon and Luca

Mufti day!

Today was Mufti day. For mufti we were asked to dress up in our house colours. The house colours are red (Buckingham), yellow (Sandringham), blue (Kensington) and green (Balmoral).
Here are some cool pictures of our class dressed in their house colours!

Post by Karrygon and Luca.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Look at our faces!

Last week, Room 15 created some abstract faces using indian ink and pastel. First we traced the outline of our face with one hand while the other hand drew what we felt. They have turned out really cool so come and check them out!

Yummy cake

Today Mia surprised the class with a cake she made in the weekend. Everyone in the class had a piece and it tasted sooo yummy! Thanks Mia!